Unmissable: Hold Fast by Olivia Rigal and Shannon Macallan

Five fully deserved stars for this high-octane ride both in terms of action and emotion. Hold Fast by USA bestselling authors Olivia Rigal and Shannon Macallan is a dark story with a strong romance streak that you shouldn’t pass by. Read on for the book’s details and my 5-star review.

Hold Fast

by Olivia Rigal and Shannon Macallan
Publication Date: July 30, 2016
Genres: Dark romance, thriller
Purchase Link: Amazon



One needs to be rescued.
The other needs to be saved.

Sean: When I was a SEAL, I lived my life by one motto: HOLD FAST.
Those two words kept me alive through years of war, but they couldn’t save all my brothers in arms, and they couldn’t save my career.
Now I’m home, back in the world, with more nightmares and scars than ten men should have, and the only woman who can make me whole again is missing.

I don’t care where she is or who has her. There is nothing I won’t do to find her and bring her home.

To me.

Courtney: I’m trapped, and there’s no way out. I need to escape this cult and leave this hell behind, but I can’t do it alone.
I knew the Church of the New Revelation was a bad idea when my mother brought me here, but I didn’t know how bad. I’m a prisoner, and this noose draws tighter around my neck every day.

There’s only one bright spot in my life, only one man who could save me. He’s the only man I’ve ever loved, but he left me behind when he enlisted all those years ago.

Sean, where are you?


My Review

Hold Fast is not a beach read. It delivers powerful messages in a very evocative way. Courtney is a prisoner, captive in the worst possible way. Because when you’re forcefully told that your perception of your predicament is totally wrong, and that you’re actually in heaven when you’re in the worst possible hell, then how can you go on? But Courtney is a believer. Not of the nightmarish nonsense her captives hammer into her; she believes in fighting for freedom. And nothing will stand in her way.

That kind of harrowing story should be told in a great voice, and the authors deliver. The writing here is stellar. Vivid and immersive, it took me right in the thick of things. I don’t remember the last time I rooted for a heroine as much as I did for Courtney.

Poignant, evocative and extremely relevant, this story shows that extremism has no color, no religion and wears no particular garb. A must read that deserves serious praise.

About Olivia Rigal

91ktnxd38ml-_uy200_Born in Manhattan, Olivia Rigal spent her youth going back and forth between the United States and France.
 She lived and studied in both countries.
 While studying she kept herself busy with a variety of jobs.
 She worked in the Clignancourt Flea Market as well as in a Parisian recording studio.
 In Manhattan, she was a dog groomer and then an administrative assistant in a famous English auction house.

Olivia settled in France to raise her family. She travelled throughout South East Asia and has a special fondness for Laos and Thailand.

When her practice does not keep her busy in Paris, she runs away to write novels in her Florida home next to MacArthur Beach State Park.

In December 2012 she started publishing short novels in English as an independent. Early 2014, she began translating them into French.

The story she tells stand alone. However her characters often meet so you can run into them again in several stories.

She’s one of the original members of the RED HOT team of authors who publish for a few weeks fabulous bundles at incredibly low prices to give an opportunity to readers to discover new universes.

She loves to chat with readers so please feel free to drop her a note if you want.

Site: http://oliviarigal.com/

About Shannon Macallan

41isp6ufool-_ux250_Shannon is a native of Maine, descendant of a family that has lived in New England since the first time there was a queen named Elizabeth. At various life stages Shannon has worked for the government, been in sales, and has done some technical work as well. These days Shannon’s sick of working for someone else, and has decided to take hold of fate and the future by writing. Shannon is happily married with an assortment of two- and four-legged children which all seem to be surviving nicely, and a variety of plants which are not.

Connect with Shannon: https://www.facebook.com/ShannonMacallan/



When’s the film coming out? The Butterfly Code by Sue Whyshynski


A must-read book that any reader who enjoys mystery and action will definitely devour is today’s suggestion. The Butterfly Code by Sue Whyshynski is a high-octane action story with a strong romance streak and awesome writing. Read on for my 5-star review and details on how to enter a giveaway to win a Butterfly Code tote bag. This tour was brought to you by Xpresso Book Tours.

The Butterfly Code
by Sue Whyshynski

Genres: New Adult, Thriller, Mystery, Science Fiction
Release Date: October 12, 2015
Purchase Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Official Synopsis

My friends say Hunter Cayman’s dangerous.
They say he’s a threat to everyone in town.
I’m not so sure.
As he stands before me in this crowded club with the lights shining around us, I catch something good under Hunter’s dark facade. Something decent and profound.
I don’t know who or what to believe.
But I will find out the truth.

Aeris Thorne is expecting a restful vacation in the remote town of Deep Cove. But on a stormy night, she meets the alluring and mysterious Hunter Cayman, and her life takes an exhilarating turn.

Aeris is both drawn to him and determined to find out what he’s hiding. It’s clear Hunter has found success with the high-security lab on his vast estate. But what Aeris doesn’t know is that he’s tormented by a secret: the truth behind his research.

As he and Aeris are drawn together, the walls he’s built to protect himself threaten to crumble. At the same time, she begins to wonder if she’s found the key to unraveling her own tragic past. When Aeris’s life is threatened, Hunter is forced to make an impossible decision about her future—one that could change everything.


My Review

Hollywood? Hello? Studios should be scrambling to get the rights for this one. Have you read an author and thought they were perfect? Never faltering in any type of scene? Well, Sue Whyshynski is one of those authors. Words just flow, creating super evocative scenes that you can actually experience with your senses. From mind-numbing terror to bone-melting attraction, Sue’s got you. Exciting chase scenes, sizzling tension, darkness and mystery in vibrating settings. It never goes wrong.

The story has a strong sci-fi theme with sprawling tentacles, encapsulating such genres as thriller, urban fantasy and romance. My one grievance (not even that) is that a story that’s explicit in dark scenes and violence should not shy away from love scenes especially when the attraction between the hero and the heroine sizzles from Page 1.

The Butterfly Code is a book that made the Top 3 of my 2015 Best Reads list. I highly recommend it to readers of any genre.

I was offered this book in exchange for an honest review but also bought my own copy. I always do that when I truly enjoy a book.

Enter here for a chance to win a Butterfly Code two-tone, book/shopping bag (US/Canada only)


About the Author

Sue Wyshynski author photoSue Wyshynski is a small town Canadian girl who moved to the United States to pursue the American dream. Sue grew up in the same place as musician Justin Bieber. Her last name is pronounced wish-in-ski.

Sue’s style has been described as immersive, emotional, and action-packed.

According to Sue, “Writers must do more than write; they must try to speak to the hearts of the world.”

The Butterfly Code, coming this fall, is Sue’s first New Adult romantic suspense.

Connect with the Author

Site: http://www.suewyshynski.com/

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/3234239.Sue_Wyshynski

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorsuewyshynski?_rdr=p

Twitter: https://twitter.com/suewyshynski



The perfect recipe: The Duke’s Temptation by Addie Jo Ryleigh (Review)


A beautifully written, authentic historical romance is just what these fall days ask for. The Duke’s Temptation by Addie Jo Ryleigh is Book One in The Men of Circumstance series and has all the right ingredients to capture your heart. Read on for all the book info, my five star review, an exciting excerpt and to find out how to win one of two $10 Amazon Gift Cards. This tour was brought to you by Tasty Book Tours.

The Duke’s Temptation

Men of Circumstance #1
Author: Addie Jo Ryleigh
Release Date: Oct 7, 2015
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing

Purchasing Links: Amazon

The Duke's Temptation Cover

Official Synopsis

A Duke. A Runner. An Earl.
Three men, each born into different circumstances.
Each fighting to overcome their own adversity.
All striving to change their past.

Gabriel St. James, Duke of Wesbrook, desires any birthright other than being the son of a hideous man. Unfortunately, Gabe knows the exact moment he became like his father—a night that has haunted him for seven years. Resigned to his future, he is unprepared when his illegitimate—and more importantly unbeknown—young daughter appears on his London doorstep. With no one to care for her but him.

Lady Elizabeth Blakely has loved only one man—her brother’s longtime friend, Gabe St. James. Not even his rakish and, oftentimes, wicked behavior dissuades her. Yet it all seems hopeless as he continues to overlook the woman she has become.

When Elizabeth learns Gabe is in need of assistance with his daughter, she seizes the opportunity. Gabe, less than thrilled with the situation—mostly due to his fierce desire for his best friend’s sister—has no option but to concede. Besides, a more sinister threat lurks; someone is blackmailing Gabe with his darkest secret. Through it all, Gabe vows to resist Elizabeth, no matter how tempting.

Sometimes it’s better to surrender . . .

My Review

She: Elizabeth Blakeley has been in love with the Duke of Wesbrook forever. Determined to make him see her as a grown woman, not his best friend’s little sister, she convinces him to be let her tend to his newly arrived illegitimate daughter.

He: Gabriel St. James, Duke of Wesbrook, lives in the shadow of his now deceased, depraved father. His forbidden thoughts about Elizabeth literally haunt him when she starts sleeping just a floor beneath him, but he vows to behave in the most gentlemanly way. And fails miserably. But a burning secret surfaces, and he might lose everything, so the farther he keeps from the beguiling “Minx” the better.

The conflict: The forbidden love for a best friend’s little sister, combined with guilt over the hero’s past life and life-threatening danger.

The Heat: Searing hot. The author builds tension masterfully (and ruthlessly) and the cat and mouse game ends in scenes of scorching heat.

The good stuff: I loved the authentic writing. Very “historical” yet brimming with freshness. The characters are not exactly original but both Gabe and Elizabeth live up to the reader’s expectations in the best possible way.

The other stuff: I could have done with less internalization in the first part of the book. Other than that, the pace was steady.

Bottom line: An excellent historical with a very authentic voice.


The next morning Gabe found himself sitting at his cluttered desk once more.

But today was different. Today he couldn’t find his focus. Today visions distracted him.

Visions of a sweet, delectable, half-dressed woman perched on the very desk that now held a layer of books, ledgers, and papers.

A grin arched his upper lip when he recalled the uproar the mess he and Elizabeth had left in the study had caused. Thinking the intruder had returned and rifled through the desk, Wilkes had awakened Gabe in a very controlled Wilkes-like state of distress. Gabe had had a devil of a time trying to explain how everything from the desk had come to be on the floor.

It amazed him that he’d kept the satisfied smirk off his face, knowing the real reason his study had been left in shambles. Either way, Wilkes must be losing his touch if he’d believed Gabe’s lack of organizational skills had resulted in piles of documents tipping over and sliding to the floor. It had sounded like pure rubbish. Thankfully, being the Duke of Wesbrook had benefits.

Not being questioned happened to be one of them.

Uncomfortable with someone other than himself or Phillip going through the papers, Gabe had rolled from bed, dressed, and retreated to the study before others caught sight of the mess.

After righting the papers, the hour was still early. Gabe had started going through the remaining reports. However, at his current rate, he’d never be done.

It was all Elizabeth’s fault.

Maybe not exactly her fault. His distraction was no one’s blame but his own, but like most things in his life, she was intricately attached to it.

Weary with staring at numbers and seeing nothing but gibberish, he shoved the ledger away. Yesterday might have been an aberration. Maybe he didn’t have what it took to be a responsible landowner.

Perhaps he should stay with what he knew . . . gambling, drinking, and pleasuring women.

Strike that, pleasuring a woman. One very singular woman.

But after telling her he couldn’t marry her, he’d be surprised if she ever allowed him to touch her again.

Except this was Elizabeth and when she loved something, she let nothing stand in her way. Something he was only now beginning to understand.

Nevertheless, for her own sake, he would do what was necessary to keep his lustful intent away from her. The last thing he needed was for her to become with child.

Enter here for a chance to win one of two $10 Amazon Gift Cards

About the Author

Addie Jo RyleighAddie Jo Ryleigh writes historical regency romances that feature rakish heroes and strong feisty heroines.

Addie Jo lives in the same cold winter and hot summer area of Minnesota where she was born and raised. And frankly, wouldn’t live anywhere else. Sharing in the raising of her three extremely rambunctious boys is her very understanding husband that so graciously enabled her to fulfill her dream of writing. Keeping Addie Jo company while she writes (besides her wonderfully loud children) is her yorkipoo, Bella, who is never far from Addie Jo’s side.

Addie Jo has always had a love and passion for romance books and became engrossed in historical romance (particularly Regency) soon after graduating from Lurlene McDaniel’s young adult books. Currently, Addie Jo reads any genre that has a great emotional story that keeps her reading into the early hours of the morning.

Addie Jo has a bachelor degree in accounting and is a financial coordinator when not driving her children around central Minnesota, cuddled up with a good book, or writing her next story.

Connect with the Author

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


Sassy, Sexy and Heartwarming: I Need A Hero by Codi Gary (Review & Giveaway)


A witty, fun and sexy story, featuring a drool-worthy military man and a drooling dog he is forced to co-exist with are the components of today’s suggestion. With the help of the right woman, everything is possible. I Need A Hero is the prequel novela to Codi Gary’s Men In Uniform series. Read on for all the book details, an exciting excerpt and to find out how you can win a digital copy of the book. This tour was brought to you by Tasty Book Tours.

Men in Uniform #0.5
Codi Gary
Releasing Oct 20th, 2015
Avon Impulse
I Need a Hero_Cover

Official Synopsis

Sergeant Oliver Martinez joined the military to serve his country—not plan parties. But after a run-in with his commanding officer, Oliver is suddenly responsible for the Alpha Dogs Training Program’s upcoming charity event. Worse, he’s got to work with the bossiest, sexiest woman he’s ever met—who just happens to be the general’s daughter.

When it comes to military men, Evelyn Reynolds is not interested. And with the opportunity to launch her new PR firm at the charity event, she doesn’t have time for some sexy, arrogant jerk with a hero complex. Evelyn is determined to keep things professional—if only she can ignore how Oliver’s muscles fill out a t-shirt and the infuriating way he makes her heart pound.

But when tempers flare and a scorching kiss turns into so much more, Oliver and Evelyn will have to decide if this attraction is forever…or just for now.

My Review

She: Evelyn Reynolds needs to secure a perfect launch of her own PR company. The Alpha Dogs Training event is the perfect opportunity. Only her focus is muddled by a man who has the right appearance (and then some) but the wrong profession. Because Evelyn–a military brat–has sworn to stay as far away from military men as possible.
He: Oliver Martinez has pissed off the General, and now he has to co-organize an event about dogs. A dog person he is not. A ladies man, yes. But the cool PR girl he has to work with seems immune to his charms.
The conflict: Oliver’s profession. Sworn to stay away from men that kiss and then get deployed, Evelyn struggles with her feelings. The ball is on Oliver’s court. How much does he really want to be with Evelyn? Is this a fling? Or forever?
The good stuff: This was a very enjoyable read. Codi Gary’s writing is fresh and witty, immersing the reader right into the story. I absolutely loved the idea of a dog shelter that provided community service opportunity for misguided youth. There’s cuteness, awww-worthy moments, hot times between the protagonists and a great HEA. A great read.
The other stuff: This was a novella, but I felt there was material for a longer book. The dogs’ training center offered great secondary characters whose story I would have loved to hear (the young boys, for instance) but this can very well be part of subsequent books, so it didn’t affect my overall impression.
Bottom line: if you’re into hot military men with a heart of gold and dogs, look no further.
This book was offered to me in exchange for an honest review.

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A Rafflecopter Giveaway

An obsessive bookworm, CODI GARY likes to write sexy small-town contemporary romances with humor, grand gestures, and blush-worthy moments. When she’s not writing, she can be found reading her favorite authors, squealing over her must-watch shows, and playing with her children. She lives in Idaho with her family.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


Oliver Martinez sat stiffly in the wobbly office chair, the room stifling despite the hum of the air conditioner above his head. He wasn’t usually the nervous type, being that military police didn’t allow time for panic, but facing off against General Reynolds, the man who pretty much held his career in the palm of his hand . . .

Well, he figured he had a right to sweat with the way the older man was staring him down.

“What do you have to say for yourself, Sergeant?” General Reynolds asked.

A thousand excuses ran through his mind, but none of them would appease the general, Oliver knew that. He hadn’t become an MP to be liked; even his family knew he wasn’t a people person. He was hardworking, sharp as a tack, and a mean son of a bitch when you got on his bad side—qualities that made him an excellent MP. And military police was exactly where Oliver belonged. He got to bust heads and keep order; it was structured, and there were rules. He was the good guy.

But this time, he had stepped in a big old pile of shit trying to play the hero.

“I did what I thought was right, sir,” Oliver said.

“You instigated a confrontation with a civilian that turned into an all-out bar brawl,” General Reynolds said. Although his tone and outward expression seemed calm, Oliver hadn’t missed the eye twitch on the left side of the general’s face. The man was beyond furious, and nothing Oliver did or said was going to make things better for him.

Why had he decided to go out with the guys on Friday? His buddies from group therapy, Dean Sparks and Tyler Best, had convinced him that he needed to get out and blow off some steam. He hadn’t expected to take down some rowdy kid or have the cops called on them. The civilian police had been cool, though, once he explained the situation, and as they hauled the kid off for drunk and disorderly, he’d thought that was the end of it.

Until he’d shown up for work this morning only to have Tate tell him he wasn’t on rotation and that the general wanted to see him. Oliver hadn’t had any idea what the meeting was about, but he’d never expected to get his ass chewed over something that wasn’t even his fault.

“It wasn’t a brawl, sir. I contained and subdued him too fast for that.”

Oliver regretted his words the moment they left his mouth. They sounded arrogant, and that wasn’t going to score him any points.

Especially since the civilian in question was the general’s son.

Despite knowing this, Oliver tried again to explain his side. “I just mean, and with all due respect, sir, that the civilian was drunk and harassing several women, and when I politely asked him to leave them alone, he threw the first punch.”

General Reynolds’s salt and pepper mustache twitched, and Oliver wondered for half a second if the general was messing with him and if he was secretly amused that his son had been taught a lesson in respect.

“I don’t care if he threw a hundred punches. You should not have engaged. You did not have to break his nose or sprain his wrist while you were restraining him.”

Okay, so he wasn’t amused. But no matter how angry the general might be, Oliver wasn’t going to apologize for roughing up the little punk. The kid had thrown a sucker punch that had lit fire to Oliver’s jaw, and it was still sore. And if the kid hadn’t fought him so damn hard, he wouldn’t have gotten hurt in the first place.

Would he have handled things differently if he’d known who the kid’s dad was? Maybe. But there was nothing Oliver could do about it now except take whatever punishment was meted out to him.

“It seems to me you could use a little time out of the field to learn how to channel your aggression . . . in other ways,” General Reynolds said.

Now the general was smiling, and unease swept over Oliver.

“Have you heard of the Alpha Dog Training Program?” General Reynolds asked.

“Yeah, I know a few of the guys running things,” Oliver said.

And neither Best nor Sparks had been happy about it at first. The Alpha Dog Training Program was the brainchild of some PR expert hoping to create a good public image for the military by training shelter dogs for specialty jobs like military, fire, police, search and rescue, and therapy. And if the animals-getting-a-second-chance angle didn’t just make you weepy, the dogs were being trained by troubled kids under the supervision of MPs.

It was meant as an alternative punishment for nonviolent juvenile offenders. Instead of being locked up in a detention center with months of community service tacked on top, they were sent to Alpha Dog. They shoveled shit, fed and cared for the dogs, and learned how to teach them basic obedience. The place was set up with barracks for up to twenty-five kids at a time. The goal was to give them a skill and refocus their energies. The program even helped them with job placement at several Sacramento veterinary hospitals and rescue organizations. It was a better deal than most kids in the system got.

“Well, I’m glad you’re familiar with it, because you’re going to help organize and promote their upcoming charity event,” General Reynolds said.

Oliver choked in surprise. “I don’t know anything about fundraising!”

The general’s eyes narrowed and glittered. “Well, this will give you a chance to develop a new skill.”

Oliver just sat there, weighing his options. If he pitched a fit and accused the general of abusing his power because Oliver had hurt his son’s delicate feelings, he’d be committing career suicide.

“How long will I be out of the field, sir?” he asked.

“Until I think you’re ready,” General Reynolds said.

Oliver nodded grimly. The only option open to him was to bite the bullet and do the job.

“You’ll report to the Alpha Dog Training Program today. The event coordinator will be there at eleven to give you instructions on what you’ll be doing. I do hope you take this time to learn some discipline, Sergeant Martinez.”

Fuck you.

Taking a deep breath, Oliver stood up and saluted the general. As soon as he barked, “Dismissed,” Oliver was out the door, wishing he was headed home to beat the hell out of his punching bag. This whole morning had sucked donkey nuts, and the last thing Oliver wanted to do was be around a bunch of teenagers or his friends.

Not that Best and Sparks weren’t good people, but he knew that the minute they found out about his little time-out, they were going to laugh it up.

Especially Best.


Chick-lit meets thriller: Scandal (Part 1) by Alison Foster (Review)

A real page-turner. It’s been a long time since I read a book that really made my pulse accelerate (what is Ella getting into?) and laugh out loud with her snarkiness. Scandal: Part One(a serialized novel) is free right now, so if you’re okay with a heroine with a no holds barred approach and a dirty-mouthed sex god (who could be a murderer), click on the title below. This review tour was brought to you by Xpresso Book Tours.

Scandal: Part One by Alison Foster

Publication date: July 31st 2015
Genres: New Adult, Romance, Suspense
Purchasing Links: Amazon|  B&N

Official Synopsis

Ella Wade knew working at a website called The Daily Scandal might lead to an interesting summer job after graduating college. She did not know that one big mistake would pull her into the heart of a sleazy world of publicity where truths are worse than lies and a murderer is on the loose.

When Ella gives into temptation and sleeps with her stepsister Madison’s ex, her world flips upside down. It doesn’t matter that Madison is dead or that Jaxson Cole wasn’t, in fact, her boyfriend but a publicist’s stunt to link two of the hottest catwalk models romantically in order to feed tabloid curiosity. The damage is done and with deadly consequences.

Even worse, Jax definitely knows things he won’t say. Falling for his epic hotness could mean one good screw will screw Ella for a lifetime.

My Review

She: Fresh-out-of-college Ella Wade, aspiring writer, lands a summer job with The Daily Scandal—a rag. Her waning interest turns into obsession when her boss asks her to go sniff out her dead stepsister’s murderer. The story is written from Ella’s PoV.

He: One word is needed to describe Jaxson Cole: god. The wet dream of million of women worldwide, this top model is spoiled, arrogant and wants Ella. Bad. But his ex-girlfriend (who wasn’t his girlfriend) just died and he wants to help Ella find the culprit. Or mess with her and cover his tracks.

The conflict: The ordinary sibling enters the glam and dirty world of her super model step-sister, which killed her. Determined to find the truth, she dives right in, but Jaxson is the most potent drug. Will she find the truth or lose herself?

The heat: OMG. Very original writing there. Warning: it goes into erotica terriroty.

The good stuff: Super fresh writing. Incredibly witty with subtle yet amazingly effective observations that turn the protagonists into truly complex characters. The suspense element is there, getting stronger towards the end.

The other stuff: for a romance, I wasn’t certain who the Hero was. If not for the blurb, I wouldn’t be sure who Ella would find her HEA with. Still not entirely sure.

Bottom line: One of my best recent reads. I’ll definitely buy the rest of the series.

About the Author

USA Today Bestselling author Alison Foster loves reading a good love story almost as much as she loves writing one. She spends her time dreaming up strong heroes and even stronger heroines and she enjoys finding unexpected strengths within her characters when they are in the most unexpected places.

She believes that passion makes the world go round and that a sexy grin is as sweet as candy. She loves interacting with readers, so feel free to drop her a line.

Connect with the Author

Follow Alison on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorAlisonFoster

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Waterfall & Waterproof by Amber Garr (NA – Dystopian)


A world that starves for water. A nuclear holocaust. A boy and a girl fight to survive against all odds. That’s the gripping tale of the Water Crisis Chronicles by Amber Garr, presented today. Read on for all the book details, my four-star review and details on how to win a Kindle Fire (if you’re in the US) or ebook copies (open internationally). This tour was brought to you by Xpresso Book Tours.

Waterfall & Waterproof by Amber Garr

(The Water Crisis Chonicles, #1)
Genres: Dystopia, New Adult

Purchase Links Book 1: Amazon |  B&N

Purchase Links: Book 2: Amazon |  B&N



Official Synopsis

Synopsis book 1 – Waterfall:

The water is gone. The wars have begun.

Clean water is a luxury most can no longer afford. Climate change, industrial sabotage, and greed have turned country against country as each one tries to provide for its citizens. Terrorist groups target desalinization plants and frustrated governments hunt those who work against them. Rationing, sequestering, and patrolling have become routine at a time when there are too many people and not enough resources.

While the world around them disintegrates into chaos, Zach and Vivienne hope that their life in a government-run complex will retain some semblance of normalcy. But when attacks on their water supplies bring war to their sheltered community, they must accept their new fate. Stay and fight or flee and endure—it’s a difficult decision with lasting consequences.

Will they choose what’s safe? Or will they choose to survive?

Synopsis book 2 – Waterproof:

Dying of thirst is the new reality.

Five years after the last drop of clean water disappeared, global societies collapsed and nuclear war shattered all hope of recovery. In a place now only a skeleton of its former self, survivors fight to avoid capture by the government. Forced to work in factories that produce the only drinking water available, those who go in, never come out.

Zach and Vivienne have lived as deserters since they were teenagers. Fighting amongst their own and scrounging for the necessities of life, they’ve learned to rely on each other in every way. Yet when tragedy strikes and the true objectives of the government facility are revealed, their world is ripped apart. A fate once thought to hold their demise may be the sole answer to their survival. Who can they trust? Who can they believe?

In this life, it pays to be waterproof.

My Review of Waterfall

Why I selected this book

A waterless earth and the ensuing chaos, combined with a solid blurb was what attracted me to this book. The budding romance between a boy and a girl fighting for mere existence, having lost everything was the other factor.

My impressions after I read Waterfall

This is a well written book. Amber Carr is an excellent line author. The action is heart-pounding, relentless and vividly portrayed, involving all senses. I really felt I lived in this world. However, I didn’t find myself particularly engrossed because I saw no endgame. Struggle to survival is the theme of this story, but there’s no conflict or a defining moment (after the world goes down) to help me get more involved. I’m sure this is more evident in the second book, but I needed to have a clearer idea where this was leading to. The two MCs, Zach and Vivienne, get off to a great start, but their relationship is very static in this first book.

Bottom line: if you enjoy action-packed, dystopian stories, Waterfall is the book for you. As a reader who goes for character-driven stories, I expected more.

Enter here for a chance to win a Kindle Fire (US) or ebook copies (Int’l)

About the Author

AmberAmber Garr spends her days as a scientist and nights writing about other worlds. Her childhood imaginary friend was a witch, Halloween is sacred, and she is certain that she has a supernatural sense of smell. Amber is a multiple Royal Palm Literary Award winner, author of the bestselling novels The Syrenka Series, the award-winning Water Crisis Chronicles, The Leila Marx Novels, and the Death Warden Series. When not obsessing over the unknown, she can be found dancing, reading, or enjoying a good movie. Find out more at www.ambergarr.com.
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Wonderfully fulfilling: Best Worst Mistake by Lia Riley (Review)


A wonderfully fulfilling smalltown contemporary of the likes I don’t come across often is today’s suggestion. The Worst Best Mistake by Lia Riley is the third book in her Brightwater series, but it can be read as the perfect standalone. I love hermits with damaged souls, and Wilder, the hero, delivers. Read on for all book details, my review, a hilarious excerpt and to find out how to win one of five ebooks of the previous novels in the series. This tour was brought to you by Tasty Book Tours.

Best Worst Mistake: A Brightwater Novel

Brightwater #3
By: Lia Riley
Releasing October 20, 2015
Avon Impulse

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Official Synopsis

The third sexy and emotional novel in debut Avon author Lia Riley’s Brightwater series set in the mountains of Northern California

Sometimes the worst mistakes turn out to be the best…

Smoke jumper Wilder Kane once reveled in the rush from putting out dangerous wildfires. But after a tragic accident, he’s cut himself off from the world, refusing to leave his isolated cabin. When a headstrong beauty bursts in, Wilder finds himself craving the fire she ignites in him, but letting anyone near his darkness would be a mistake.

After her Hollywood life went up in smoke, Quinn Higsby decided to leave Tinseltown behind and returned to Brightwater to care for her ailing father. Spending her days in a small bookstore, her peaceful existence is up-ended by a fascinating but damaged man. Quinn is determined to not to be scared off by Wilder, not once she’s experienced the heat of his passions.

But when an arsonist targets the community and Wilder is accused, he must confront the ghosts of his past. Will his desire for Quinn flameout or will he be able to tame the wildness inside and rekindle a hope for their future?



My Review

She: Quinn Higsbe fed up with the conceit and pretense of Hollywood, and with her ailing father in need of her, shuts herself in Brightwater, resigned to the fact that book boyfriends is the only action her personal life will ever see.

He: Wilder Kane, 31, smoke jumper, holds a secret that has burned his soul until a fire almost burns him alive. Returning to his hometown, the last place he wants to be, he becomes a bookworm hermit. Helping a troubled old man one stormy night, brings his daughter to his door, and she breathes such life into him, he starts rethinking his outlook. But winning over fiery Quinn takes a darker spin when an arsonists targets her.

The conflict: Wilder is everything dark, Quinn is everything light, but also elusive. Stripping down his walls to catch her is the challenge of his life.

The setting: A small town off the Eastern Sierras in north California. Cowboys, sherrifs, a grandma set in her own ways, and all the wintry charm you can muster.

The heat: Steamy. Palpable chemistry between the MCs, slow-building passion. Favorite line: Quinn returns to the bedroom after she hunts down a condom – Wilder: What are you looking for? Quinn: The mood. Is it still here? LOL! The sex scenes are surprisingly super hot and original. (Hot springs? Jump in!)

The good stuff: This was a very fulfilling contemporary. Wonderful writing by Lia Riley–witty, quick, original–well-built characters with relatable connections, dark secrets, future dreads, lots of snow… there’s nothing amiss.

The other stuff: Nothing really. Maybe Quinn was a tad too chatty when she should just be in the moment 😉

Bottom line: An author I will follow.

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It had been a while since he’d been in the company of any woman who wasn’t a medical professional or intimately involved with his brothers. Also, as much as he didn’t want to admit it, he had a type and this forward, strong-looking woman fit it right down to that thick wavy brown hair pulled back at the nape of her long sexy neck.

Necks were underrated female geography. He loved how they tasted when he kissed them there, how they smelled as he nuzzled.

Equally fascinating was her lush mouth, how the corner remained quirked on one side despite the natural pout, as if in perpetual secret amusement.

This woman was bright, spunky, and happy, despite her father’s miserable situation. His heart sank. He had nothing to offer someone like her, not when his whole world had burned to a cinder.

He shook himself inwardly, not moving a muscle. No point succumbing to the ugly truth, however true. Maybe he could pretend to be a normal guy for the night. Normal except for the scars, the missing leg, and the fact he hadn’t spoken to a living soul since Sawyer dropped off his groceries six days ago, and was tongue-tied around strangers at the best of times.


What would Archer do? His younger brother was good with people, especially the ladies. He’d navigate this situation like a pro.

She gave him a tentative smile, probably because he was staring at her like a loon.

Compliments. Women like compliments.

“Your teeth are real white,” Wilder blurted. Goddamn it, the words hung over them like a comic strip balloon. He wished for a string to grab on to, so he could stuff the idiocy back into his mouth, swallow it down.

“Excuse me?” Her shoulders jerked as her lips clamped, clearly not anticipating the awkward flattery.

At least he hadn’t said how much he liked her neck. Yet.

Damn, this was a mistake. He wasn’t good with people. Didn’t like people. Didn’t need people.

About the Author

Lia_RileyLia Riley writes offbeat New Adult and Contemporary Adult romance. After studying at the University of Montana-Missoula, she scoured the world armed only with a backpack, overconfidence and a terrible sense of direction. She counts shooting vodka with a Ukranian mechanic in Antarctica, sipping yerba mate with gauchos in Chile and swilling XXXX with stationhands in Outback Australia among her accomplishments.

A British literature fanatic at heart, Lia considers Mr. Darcy and Edward Rochester as her fictional boyfriends. Her very patient husband doesn’t mind. Much. When not torturing heroes (because c’mon, who doesn’t love a good tortured hero?), Lia herds unruly chickens, camps, beach combs, daydreams about future books, wades through a mile-high TBR pile and schemes yet another trip. Right now, Icelandic hot springs and Scottish castles sound mighty fine.

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Website:  http://www.liariley.com/
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Twitter:  https://twitter.com/liarileywrites
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