Super fun, steamy hot: Bossy by Kim Linwood (Review)

Bossy: A Stepbrother Romance: (With bonus novel Rebel!)is Kim Linwood’s follow-up to her super successful debut stepbrother romance, Rebel, and I’m sure it’ll outshine it. It’s pure fun to read, super steamy and hilariously funny. Read on for my 5-star review and all the book details. Keep in mind that for a limited time, purchasing Bossy for just 0.99 gets you Rebel for free!

Bossy: A Stepbrother Romance(with bonus novel, Rebel)

by Kim Linwood
Publication Date: September 24, 2015
Genres: New Adult, Romance
Heat Level: 4 (explicit sex scenes)
Purchase link: Amazon


My Review

She: Claire Anderson, 21, has just graduated with a political science degree and a 3.9 average. Letting her hair down for a night of hot sex with a tattooed demigod is totally not her, but she’s not sorry. Until she sees said demi-god occupying her boss’ (and future stepbrother’s) office desk.

He: Declan Riordan, 27, is totally against his father remarrying with that woman. But, if he plays his cards right, the girl who’s starred in his fantasies for way longer than she’s supposed to, might be the ticket to ruining the impending marriage. All he has to do is make her life a living hell. And convince himself she’s just a temp with benefits.

The conflict: Declan’s bent on breaking Claire, Claire’s bent on holding her ground, her vicious ex is bent on winning her back, and the case assigned to her might be a ticking bomb—an explosive mix.

The setting: A very “Mad Men” law firm with all the ‘50s trimmings, a grand castle (with a moat), the setting is richer than that of your standard stepbro romance.

The heat: OMG hot. Off-the-charts chemistry, naughty settings, and the perfect mix of dirty talk and sexy stuff.

The good stuff: The pure fun. This is the author’s second book, but she sure has amped up the fun factor. Original pranks and jokes that had me laugh out loud, made this book all the more readable. The characters are solid with enough drama in their background to add substance. I loved Carl, the older employee with the quirky sense of humor who becomes Claire’s sidekick and accomplice. The parents are more present and have more to offer compared to parents in similar books.

The other stuff: Nada. Nothing to dilute my fun. Maybe I needed a longer epilogue, but then I always do.

Bottom-line: One of the best stepbro romances I’ve read. Kim Linwood takes standard ingredients, but her recipe tastes so much better!

I was offered this book in exchange for an honest review.

Bossy teaser

About the Author

Kim Linwood is a sucker for bad boys, billionaires and alpha males. If they’re all three at once, that’s even better. When she’s not writing about romantic conflicts and witty dialogue, she’s herding two growing boys (who are of course not bad) with her husband.

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