Gripping: Lock the Cellar Door by Molly Greene (Review)

I’m a fan of the Gen Delacourt mystery series by Molly Greene, and I wouldn’t miss the sixth installment for the world, especially since Gen finally took the plunge and committed to a relationship with Mack (*swoons*) in the previous book. They make quite a team. The tone changes dramatically in Lock the Cellar Door, though. Still, it was my favorite so far. Read on for all the book details and my review.

Lock the Cellar Door (Gen Delacourt Mystery #6)

by Molly Greene
Published: May 30, 2015
Genre: Mystery
Purchasing Link: Amazon


My Review

Gen revels in her new “engaged” status until an earthquake literally makes her world crumble. After frantically searching for Mack who’s gone missing, she finds him buried under debris in a mansion he had no obvious reason visiting. Her relief is short-lived as his cranial injury robs him of a good part of his memories including those he’s made with her. Mack is not Mack anymore. Needing an outlet for the acute sense of loss that cripples her, Gen teams up with detective Devlin Boyle, trying to shed light to the reason Mack was in the uninhabited mansion—a plausible explanation for the apparition of a sobbing woman he claims to have seen and heard there.

With Mack retreating, Devlin making advances and a mystery starring a “ghost”, Gen has her hands full, but her heart is empty.

This is the most gripping story in the captivating Gen Delacourt mystery series. Gen’s emotional involvement tamper both with her judgement and her responses, forcing her to assign the case to the cool and smooth Devlin, yet he wants her to be more than his sidekick. For Gen, a committed relationship was shaky ground; losing it means she’s lost part of herself, and she has to fight for resolve on many fronts. The emotional aspect in this novel is what makes it stand out.

But that doesn’t mean that the mystery part is played down. If anything, the addition of a potentially paranormal element makes it even more appealing. Secondary characters pop out strongly, and I was pleased to see Shiloh and Luca returning to help Mack out as did Livvie and Bree to Gen. However, the character that truly shines is Stella, Mack’s loyal four-legged friend. She offers solutions, comfort and becomes the bridge that connects the estranged couple, playing a pivotal role throughout.

If you’ve enjoyed Gen Delacourt’s mysteries so far, Lock the Cellar Door is not one to miss.

About the Author

Hi there! I’m a blogger and author of both fiction and non-fiction. My titles include Blog It! The author’s guide to building a successful online brand (blogs based on WordPress), and the Gen Delacourt Mystery Series: Mark of the Loon, The Last Fairytale (formerly titled Rapunzel), Paint Me Gone, A Thousand Tombs, Swindle Town, and Lock the Cellar Door.

I currently live in the mountains outside San Diego, California, the city where I was born and raised – but I LOVE Northern California so much that I use various Bay Area locations as the setting for my fiction series. I really should move there, don’t you think? Meanwhile, I write about my life and self-publishing topics at Stop by and say hello!

Each Gen Delacourt Mystery works well as a standalone story, but if you want to read them in order, here’s the lowdown:

Book #1, Mark of the Loon
Book #2, The Last Fairytale
Book #3, Paint Me Gone
Book #4, A Thousand Tombs
Book #5, Swindle Town
Book #6, Lock the Cellar Door

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