Super sexy and fun: Rebel by Kim Linwood (Review)

First-time self-published author hits No.11 on the entire Kindle best-seller list? This doesn’t happen often, so I had to pick up Rebel to see what all the hype was about. One thing is for sure: Kim Linwood knows her audience. Read on for my 5-star review and an enticing excerpt.


by Kim Linwood
Published: May 14, 2015
Genres: New Adult
Heat Level: 3 (Explicit sex scenes)

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My Review

Angie knows that working hard gets you places. She wouldn’t have a pre-med scholarship in her pocket otherwise. She’s been the perfect daughter to her single mom, apart from hooking with a bad boy who now wants to get down and dirty with her. But she has nothing to bring to the, well, bed, so one crazy night she takes her BFF’s advice and hooks up with a bad boy who puts her own to shame. Alcohol is never a good advisor, especially if it tells you you have to have sex with a stranger to get some experience before going all the way with your boyfriend. Snapping out of it the very last moment, Angie leaves hot boy hanging (well, quite the opposite gravity-wise) only to see him walking in her house days later. As her stepbrother-to-be.

Arrogant, impossibly obnoxious and flirty to boot, Gavin Caldwell is exactly what Angie hates. The kind of person who has everything served to him on a golden platter, never having to lift his finger for everything. Wanting nothing more than to put distance between them without offending her finally-happy mother, she claims a spot on a luxury cruise. What do you know! A day later, she finds herself married to Gavin…

What a fun ride! I seriously cannot believe this is Kim Linwood’s first novel. It’s well-written, fast-paced, professionally edited; it doesn’t falter one bit. Serving the currently hot stepbrother romance sub-genre perfectly, the author has come up with a story that follows a well-trodden path but offers enough twists and tons of fun moments to make this a truly fun read. It moves on so fast, I read it in (almost) one sitting, and at times I laughed out loud. Angie tries really hard to stand her ground, but Gavin is impossibly impossible and way too sexy for an eighteen-year-old to resist. Especially when a minister has officiated their wedding. I won’t give more details on that, but it was a nice gimmick to tie the couple in a knot (pun intended).

What I also enjoyed is the addition of Joyce as secondary character, the octogenarian woman who shared some seriously progressive wisdom with Angie during the cruise. That was a nice touch, one rarely sees in New Adult romances. Oh, and the steaminess will turn wherever you’re reading this into a sauna.

Five stars to this debut novel by Kim Linwood because she truly knows its audience and caters to its needs in the most effective way.

Click here to read a fun excerpt!


About the Author

Kim Linwood is a sucker for bad boys, billionaires and alpha males. If they’re all three at once, that’s even better. When she’s not writing about romantic conflicts and witty dialogue, she’s herding two growing boys (who are of course not bad) with her husband.

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3 thoughts on “Super sexy and fun: Rebel by Kim Linwood (Review)

  1. You’ve pin-pointed the high points of this story and made me crave this book! Sounds like such fun and I want to read this book very soon–like at the top of my tbr pile.


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