My Barsetshire Diary by Lord David Prosser

David Prosser started writing his humorous diaries at the age of 60, published four books since, has a site dedicated to bettering the world through Hugging and is an active blogger and tweep. Actually, he’s one of my most ardent supporters both on Twitter and on my blog. Promoting his work is just a small token of my appreciation. Here’s My Barsetshire Diary. The first book in this hilarious series is My Queen’s Envoy.

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A look at Lord David’s day as a member of the gentry.
Come and meet the staff like Mellors the gardener with a past, how does he know Lady C? Meet Grizelda the housekeeper. Meet thee locals like the mysterious Suki and join us at the village fete where Edna is determined to win the jam making competition at any price. See how the formidable Lady J intends to knock Lord David into shape but is he already the shape their cat Oscar wants him.

Is the famous stiff upper lip his only protection?

Author Bio

A retired ex Local Government Officer with a horse mad wife, a cat who acts as my alarm clock at the time he wants me to get up, and a daughter who must be wonderful because she thinks her father is. I live in a small village in Wales and became an author almost by accident when a friend liked a day’s diary I sent her in answer to a ‘How was your day”? query. Needless to say that day was a fiction from start to finish. Needless to say what followed on from that isn’t.

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One thought on “My Barsetshire Diary by Lord David Prosser

  1. All I can say Maria is Thank You. This is very kind and much appreciated. I also promise that though a character named Mellors was a gardener to Lady Chatterley it might be nothing more than a coincidence. There’s no bonking in my books. Sadly they’re bonk free.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


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